Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


That scared the fuck out of me jesus chirst almighty my whole body jerked really fast lol that was a great game lol you should make another.


to be honest, after i read that book, i started to get scared but when i got in that dark building, i couldnt continue. i was too scared but i will one day do it

danomano65 responds:

awesome. that's awesome.

a banger!!

you have to at least watch the show to understand the geniuess behind this amazingly thrilling game..die hard Lost fans will trully appreciate this as i did! keep up the great work cant wait for sequel!!

danomano65 responds:



Great game! You had me screaming At the end! I look forward to the next one. Maybe you can and some people that don't kill you!

almost got a heart attack when i got shoot!

really intresting but damn, i could have shit on myself! i had no idea!serously now, a really good and interesting game. =D