Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

hell yea

that was sic shit dude i love lost and u made a game, right on great flash work too made me jump i even spilled some beer on me and that says somethin. thanx for givin my spare time a place to die lol "in a good way"


I love the show, kinda despressed that the latest (meaning newest) season is on halt until april...

I want every week, can't wait for the new episodes.... this is something to entertain me in the meantime!!! keep the great work up!

it's very fun

with me being a HUGE lost fan i really enjoyed it.

Getting shot at.

Man thats crazy stuff man. Really like LOST, if you where alone. Was I suopposed to get shot?


I love this game and can't wait till you do another one .
I am a big fan of the show and this game just adds to the other siders mysteries and makes you think about just what Dharma meant to happen on the island.