Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


This a great game, u should probally have done something more with it though. Very creepy, great effects, INSANE ENDING i almost had a fucking stroke

danomano65 responds:

im glad u liked it!


I didn´t really got what was happening in the game , but when i got shot i adimite i got pretty scaried.
But besides that the game didn´t make much sense

danomano65 responds:

it did. actually.


The ending made me shit myself, i got shoot by the guy in the watch tower.
Nice graphics and music made it just that much scarier, although i dont really get the point of the game....

Holy Crap

The ending scared the shit out of me, the station felt really creepy and at the ending you nearly gave me a heart attack.


very well done the ending was great but i dont get how i got here? Did i survive the crash or was i next to it? and who was in the tower? to many loose areas but the graphics maning pictures made up for it well donw *tened*

danomano65 responds:

if u read all the notes, u realize that there is one guy shooting a certain type of ppl.