Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

I'm not such a LOST fan but...

I think this really was enjoyable.

Maybe it just needs to be even deeper, to allow the player to make real choices, and to lead to different stories depending on those choices...

So that would mean more work than just alternate ending, but it would make this game totally kickass. In my opinion.

Good work nonetheless, graphically impressive ^^'

A+ for Style and Feel

I don't watch Lost. That said I really enjoyed this interactive slideshow. I thought you did an awesome job at creating a realistic environment. There is just enough content to generate plenty of morbid speculation in any Lost fan. You were smart not to try anything (excuse the pun) too flashy with your first game. A solid first step if I ever saw one. So 10/10

man down

Well that was exciting... i still want to know what happend to Chris and joe and jimmy and all the others

needs some work

This is more like a slide show than a game. You could have taken some time to put in a puzzle or two. Just clicking arrows is not exactly fun. The concept it good and the photography is impressive.Your on the right track, just remember the most important part of gaming. FUN!

Lessee here...

Woah... Finished it.... I think... Why was I shot? Was the person crazy or something now? Or... I dunno... you should put more things in it like a way to find out some of the questions like "who is he?" or "am I the only survivor?" and stuff like that.. Also, you should put another way to escape the sudden death and find out who the guy (who tried to kill you) really is and what he wants and a way out of the island ( or the unhabitted place the player is in... or maybe not O_O your choice)

It's rather easy.... So I'd say... somewhat average