Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


HOLLY SHIT! I screamed when they shoted me! O_O I don't know if that was the end of the game or maybe I should have gone somewere else before goin outsdie and get shoot, but anyways it was really good


I'm a Lost fan myself and this game definatly is a deserving of the Lost name, Can't wait for the next one 5/5 10/10


apparently you are a clone who gets killed

Good mystery; I get it! =D

I wouldn't exactly call this a game, as it is more in line with a visual novel because it's not really interaction besides finding the few clickable clues which help solve the mystery of the story. The first play through I didn't exactly understand the ending, but I re-played, and I finally understood why I was shot. Even though I knew it was coming the 2nd time, it still surprised me, so good job there. I've never seen LOST either.

The major fallback is that if you did not find all the important clues, then you were basically left in the dark and confused about what the hell happened and why you died. (The first run-through I only got 3 of 4 so I didn't understand)


So, in order to help those people who were all '???' 'why was i shot?' 'who am i?' 'why the sudden death?', I DON'T UNDERSTAND, etc (and gave it a low score because the author didn't explain it overtly), I've put a little guide here. I won't go all the way; it's your job to piece together the clues.


To fully enjoy this plot, you must find all the clickable clues. The important clues are located:

#1: Enter the first stony building in the jungle and continue in for the 1st notebook.

#2: After turn on the generator, head forward to find the 2nd notebook.

#3: This one can't be missed; a notebook and a red 'User's Manual' is located next to an old computer.

#4: Right after, there is a backgammon board with a gun, and a piece of paper - read it.


Overall, the photography was excellent and really gave a sense of realism and atmosphere. It was mostly consistent so it gave a feeling of progression instead of some random images found over the internet that happened to be related to each other. The music was average but did help in the suspense / mystery. Kudos to the plot, although it seems to fall into the generic 'amnesia' category but not quite.

The gunshot crack was surprising and well done for an abrupt ending. I think most (some?) people got the plot after they were shot.

I don't really see much cons besides the one mentioned earlier. You could make it a linear progression instead of having the clues in branching paths (so everyone gets it), but that might make the game really boring. However, I don't really see the possibility of multiple endings, unless you were the Richard instead.

Maybe make the handwriting easier to read, or have some variety in the ambient soundtrack.


I love Lost and this definately does it justice. I was wondering after a bit where you got all the images from. They all just about fit and definately had the right atmosphere.
I think the notebooks were great. I didn't realise the interesting link between the last notebook and where you wake up until after the credits.
Nicely done flash in true Lost style.