Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

I Got Shot

Was I Suopposed To Get Shot??


I am a huge fan of LOST and I really enjoyed this. I didnt expect to get shot and it scared the shit out of me

Good looking but...

Thanks for the contribution. I enjoyed the beautiful graphics and your music was very suspenseful and appropriate.

However, I agree with a lot in that there's very little "game" and more about the story. More linear progression of notebook placement and some simple puzzles would have drawn-out (in a good way) your suspense and had players more concerned about their untimely cessation.

That being said, I'm really looking forward to your next game!!


i really liked graphics and idea but is only ending bang?? i looked around but cant find anythng. awsome tho :P

danomano65 responds:

im going to make a sequel.

storyline was good

It was a good story line, I don't know I i would consider this a game though. More like an interactive story. But nonetheless it was interesting and suspenseful.