Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Getting shot at.

Man thats crazy stuff man. Really like LOST, if you where alone. Was I suopposed to get shot?

<(Spoiler Alert!!)>

<(Spoiler Alert)> Dont read if you didnt play!
once i got to the labs i thought something was gona jump out but no.
Then i got out side and the music stopped, i was like ohh shit somethings gona happen. And during those few seconds of just listening to the jungle i herd whispers. was those the plant things???
this game was very suspenseful, mostly because of the music.
Keep it up!!

danomano65 responds:

yes. the plants were speaking in a way. glad u get it!

''Didn't expect that.''

Seriously, I literally jumped when I saw and heard the gunshot. Full marks for keeping true to the style of LOST.


Dude this is a really great peice of work for a first timer. It definitely captures the feel of lost. I dig that you used the score from the show, but you focused on mostly the most intense bits of background music (at least in what I played so far). As you update that I'd suggest more work on the music. Try and work in some of the slower parts of the score build into the louder intense bits.

danomano65 responds:

i decided there is going to simply be a sequel that starts at the end and u have the choice to go right.

Ow, he shot me in the foot.

Good game. Sorry for saying it but it has already been said.