Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"

New plateaus of pissing me off!

Kinda fun at first, nostalgic of the desert and jungle strike series, perhaps some music. The beating of blades gets old real quick. Specifically how is one supposed to finish "Italy" without having an friggin nuclear device, or help from carpet-bombing B-52's? the enemies regen to quickly and the spray of the chain gun is like "spray and pray" across a football field.

good idea, not so good execution.

its awesome despite simple

this flash is hella nice... its simple yet i do like this sort for the times. good to let master chief relax for the weekend. i may be a nut but i kinda love blasting my stereo high while shooting at the turrets...


The game itself was very fun, and the varied mission goals (Rescue the POWs, etc.) were quite interesting. The story was well developed (The end was sad, not as in "it was bad", but as in "Cry cry sniffle poor pilot waaaah")


This game is awesome, it reminds me of the old Desert Strike games. The graphics are clean, and, even though simple, I feel that only helps it run smoother.


some lvls are hard