Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"

gj man

i liked the game play. not too intense, not too easy. Just a good time waster


I don't see why some people hate this game?! The graphics are part of the fun and if you want better graphics like fire and huge eplosions i guarantee it will lag.
The only thing this game needs is a second part :P so plz make 1 i mean 2

Great example of this Genre

The game was well balanced nothing too hard nothing too easy the concept was quite laughable at but totally awesome! The only hting needing fixing is Dr. Indigostein's saying: "I am become death, the destroyer of baords." I'm not too sure what hes saying seeing as how its grammatically incorrect...

Great idea, poor balance

Graphcis and idea really fun, but the balance of poper between your chopper and the ground enemies gets really out of whack halfway through. Between rushing to take out the airbases to protect your ship, making repeated passes at heavily-turreted (and shielded) bases that regenerate a bit too quickly, the minimal damage of your bombs, and a chain gun that quickly overheats and slowly cools down (and becomes useless) in a multi-enemy firefight, I'd give this game a "could have been good."

Seriously, wow.

Hello there, i see you have made my dream game come true. i don't know why, but right now i will continue playing this for a very long time.

awesome, favorited.