Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"

Great Job

Awesome game. I would love to see more in the next iteration. Perhaps more leverage on the whiteboard concept beyond style. Whiteboard or drawing elements controlled by the player would give some real punch to the concept as more than just an art style. None the less, great work.

Pretty good

pretty good game.... would have been better if u had more weapons or if u could choose a diff plane.heli

Not Bad

Fun, simple design, flawlessly executed. And Dr. indigostein's saying "I am become Death" is a reference to what one o fhte runners of the Trinity nuclear test said: "I am become Death, destroyer of worlds." A reference to his unerestimaton of what the power of the bomb was.


This game is great couldnt ask for anything more graphics are good its sorta hard so overall its great


i love this game man i hope u make a 2nd