Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"


I like the story line and the controls are very simple. The game itself has bad graphics but the fun gameplay makes up for that. Make more!

fun and creative

I love the plotline, very funny and original. Gameplay is simple but fun.

brings back memories

Reminds me of grade school when me an my friends would draw things on white boards and then erase and redraw them in different positions.
I like the effects of this game, the ink effects go light and dark randomly like when you press too lightly with markers. When you blow stuff up, it looks like it's been freshly erased.
The game play is simple enough, simply fly around and drop some bombs, the simple approach seems to be one of the best, as you don't have to remember stupid buttons and gives you the needed sense of security.
One thing I also liked, was the physics of the bombs, like when you go too fast and they fly out further then if your stationary. Maybe I'm over examining this game, but I really did enjoy the living crap out of it!

great game, a classic remake?

even if you didn't intend to remake firehawk for the NES, you still did a damn good job! but really, this was great, through and through, difficulty was just right, though i thought the timers were a bit low.
if there could have been a bomb targeting reticle, that would have been swell, because they were kind of awkward to make strafing runs with sometimes, particularly if you were looking to drop them on the smaller guard towers.
i don't know if there's anything much i can recommend about this game, besides a sequel (with online cooperative play) heh heh.
great job.


Cool game.

Did you get the idea from that SNES game called desert storm or something? It reminds me of that.