Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"

It glitched

I had a glitch where I would lose control of the chopper. I could still fire my guns and drop bombs but I couldn't steer. Also, I felt the civilian buildings were nestled too closely to the enemy military.


A blatently simple yet very fun game. The graphics are not complicated but get the job done. The controls feel just right, and the game plays well. This game feels like a kickback to older games. I need more whiteboards to clear!


Well, it could have been better. I liked the graphic style, worked for it, and the gameplay was simple and somewhat fun, however after four levels I couldn't find any real reason to go on; there wasn't diversity, that interesting of gameplay, and it wasn't much of a challenge. However, I think a sequel might turn out to be a very good piece of work. I'll be looking out to see if you end up doing anything else with this idea.

Very Well Done

I was looking for a very fun flash game for a while now, and this is a very well done flash game. Good job keeping it simple and fun.

VERY fun

the only thing i dont like is that its alot of white. it just hurts my eyes after so much puter time. the game is awesome tho. its so fun... in fact, im going to favorite it just so i remember to play it some more in week or so, if not tommorow lol. its excatly what i look for when i visit newgrounds, comedy and the occasional highly enjoyable flash game

GOOD JOB 9/10 and a big fat 5 for j00