Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"


Ok but after Lv 3 it gets repetitive and kinda boring but good game


Brilliant game, I played it till the end.

Not bad

Its not bad but it had some repetitive stages,kinda boring,but also pretty fun

Nice work

First, I love the innocent style. The effects, guidance, everything - great. The menus, though, on purpose or not, were a little sluggish on that style I'd say.
I really liked playing it, I haven't played this type of a game for years and I missed it so much. The only thing stood in my way was the camera. It looked like you tried to make it follow the best, but so sorry, it was just not enough for me. it changes dramatically every angle the chopper rotates, and it really hurts my eyes. You should make it smoothier.
The sound was ok, enough for the game. But I found a glitch - I started shooting in the end of a level after I already won, and clicked the button, and the sound of the minigun kept looping, even on other levels. Was a bit annoying.

Overall it is a good game, & fun to play when you get used to the camera.


Bad Graphics.
But was Entertaining for a while
THen became wat to reptative