Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"

Its good! :D

the graphics... Good! i mean, u can still see the stuff u need to kill, and the bombs n stuff r good! Kinda reminded me of Xavier or somethin like that, i think it was on the snes. Nice job! keep it up.

It was ok

The graphics could have been little better and the game gets boring after a while. 2/5


While basic, it had a brilliant story. I like it because is shows that the hero's don't always live.

The game itself is neat.

And stolen? The guy below is smoking some big time weed, and I'm mad that he's not sharing.


its ok... though it is a stolen game to a degree and stuff respawns when you kill it... i was thinking that you would be able to you know draw stuff like animation VS animator :S


i was good but i got difficult for the last mission

it wouyld be cool to have more weapons better bombs and able to like upgrade

but that just my pinion