Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"

Good, but not amazing.

Not sure why, just didn't 'catch my attention', good game still nonetheless.

Great game

Awesome, and love the idea, even though it hass been done before. (Black Hawk Striker) I really enjoyed playing the missions, but they tend to get repetitive after a while. And the controls to move the heli made me think twice before giving this a 9. If the arow keys made th the heli move in that direction instead of making it turn, I would have really, rewally enjoyed this game.


I loved this!


This game is fun and addicting. If only it wasn't so hard.
Great Job though


I like the whiteboard idea, thats really cool.

I couldnt really get on with it, but i resisted giving it a low rating because i could appreciate that over people would love it