Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"


inspite of having an origional setting to play with it turned out to be uninotave and steriotypycal a great game but just to samey


nice game im addicted to it....

make an sequal and then weaken the sentry guns a bit xD


Boring(just kiding)this game is good...


Fantastic game, this game is extremely fun in all aspects.
A sequel would also be fabulous, because I keep playing the game over and over again, and it would be exciting to see some new material.


I honestly loved that game.
it was simple graphics and everything, but the storyline though weird, was amazing.
The fact that you die at the end was picturesque.
I felt like one of the cast of 24.
Pardon that reference.
It was a great game.
I hope for a sequel.
I also was glad that there was no music.
This probably would have been corny and ruined the game.