Reviews for "Memories 2011 (Prev) - F-777"


I love it! :D

alrighty ...

let's write a constructive review !
soo, all the sounds are high quality,
the song itself is well written,
this is one of the few songs that give me that icy chill when i hear it !
10/10 you are a god of newgrounds !

One of those songs that I've always loved...

But better. Nothing more to say.



0:45-0:54.....Wow....so perfect. You have to keep that going. At 1:24 It starts repeating which is bad lol.

10/10 for amazingness.

It's funny because I just posted an all piano song yesterday. Maybe you could give me a tip heres the link:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/435326

the previous two were good, but...

Oh...my...god. This is so beautiful. I feel like this song has reached it's apex. It's "Perfect Form". It's amazing.