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Reviews for "The Fall of Cheshyre"

very good

this song is awesome

cheshyre responds:

Thank you very much!

This reminds me of a steam punk I played

And it was just as awesome as this song. Kinda makes me think of a modern city with all of us and our tech. Very well done man.

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it!!


wtf i swear to god there was something around my head at the begining!

cheshyre responds:

Like headphones?? Thanks for the 10!

oh no!

not cheshyre!!!

cheshyre responds:

ahhhhhhhhh! Thanks for the 10!

Love this song!

I think you should make a song called Return of Cheshyre. I would totally listen to it as the last two blew me away.

cheshyre responds:

Good idea!!! Thanks for the review!