Reviews for "- Fashionably Late (NG Cut)"

Not What I Expected

Normally I turn the loop off to listen to a new song without hearing it repeat and messing up my review, but screw that, it's going on repeat.

Not at all what I expected, its got a very... dancey(which I expect you were going for)/electronic/some disco aspects/new feeling. I like all of it, its got an awesome start, middle, and finish. I like how you mixed in the sort of chorus/multiple voices to contrast the high pitched voice. Definitly a fave+dl, make some more of this genre :D

Or4nges responds:

Thanks so much! I'll try to write more stuff like this in the future, I had a ton of fun making it :D


Ooooooo im a big big fan man.
Love how you play around with different styles, never stale, always fresh.

Or4nges responds:

Thanks! I think the genre switching is more for my sake lol. I couldn't live with myself if I turned into that guy who pumps out the same song over and over :P


I heard this song for several months in SoundCloud, but did not think it was here in newgrounds.
all love from me and I hear this song enough.
good work ^-^
[love the chessy vocals]