Reviews for "- Fashionably Late (NG Cut)"


Fucking hell man, I'm in love with this.

Glitchy vocals have some kind of magical effect on me.

Or4nges responds:


You're the one that inspired it :P

I think I might need to chop up vocals more often. 'tis fun :D

SO Good xD

I should just, not review your songs anymore xD they are too good. my reviews will now be like this,
"Good, i like it"
xD just kidding, this song just makes me want to dance.. I would've liked to actually hear what the vocal cliping thingys were saying more, cause it just sounds like a chipmunk singing :P but there isnt anything wrong with that :P sick song..

Or4nges responds:

Don't worry about it man :D

And yeah there was nothing I could do about the chipmunky sound. I honestly tried but there was no hope; Chipmunk or bust lmao


I love the sidechained synth. Not much I can really say about this, though I'm still waiting on the "Unfinished Trance" wip.


Or4nges responds:

Patience :P I wanna make that one perfect before releasing it.

Also that's actually like 4 different synths layered on top of each other lol.


But not Nu-Disco really. I'd classify this as Dance, personally, as it has the loud/heavy kick and thick synths. Nu-Disco is more personified by a live-sounding drum set and classic synths but using modern compression/production techniques.

Sorry to get into semantics there. :D

The song itself is amazing, my ONLY complaint is the weird ^knock* sound that you use at 0:03, 0:05, 0:07, etc. It seems totally unsuited to the rest of the track. Everything else meshes and gels so well but that just seems off. I'd use a big splashy clap as it raises anticipation more.

Or4nges responds:

Yeah I know, the only real disco-ey portion is the bass in the intro and the breaks. But I went for nu-disco, failed, but still claim it as such. Probably from stubbornness. Actually this was when I still thought French House and Nu-Disco were the same thing. I was going for a French House vibe, but without the sampling. Either way I got something totally different lol.

Also that knock was kind of a last minute thing. I wanted a sort of house beat behind the intro/outro, and I thought it fit pretty well. Now that I think about it, a clap would probably work a little better.

Either way, I'm gonna upload a more finished track eventually, I contacted the band I got the "You can't back down" from, and they're gonna send me the acapella to that song :D I'll have more of that in there, and probably fix the knock.

Thanks for the input! Always glad to get some good critique here and there.

What's this? An album? *faints*

Man, this rocks!
Imma be your first customer, unless of course the crowds get there first!
And the track? *goes to soundcloud*
...I love it.