Reviews for "DJ Runaway - Acid Stab"


My favorite track in all of the audio portal!


I didn't know that this song was in spin sprint! I thought that this was catchy! Great stuff dude! Im gonna bookmark it!


Man, I'd sure like to meet you one time :D
But I'm just wondering, could you help me with making a saw lead sometime? I kinda suck at Fl Studio 6 (newest is 7 by now). So, could you help me some time?

Ooh yeah, this was supposed to be a review.
Well, that sure was energetic. Great bassline, great... everything.
Not much to add, but keep it up ^________^
Check out my future music some day,

DJRunaway responds:

Sure. E-mail me anytime on my 'citizens' account: JurrevanZwol@gmail.com

Love it

I wnated this one ever since I heard a short intro of it at the 10 second collab and at the title of donutmaster. in one word: *cough cough(Dammit, got a terrible cold)* ehh... I wanted to say AWESOME


As of now, this is my favorite song of all newgrounds and perhaps beyond. Very good!