Reviews for "DJ Runaway - Acid Stab"

This is definitly going in my zombie game!

As said above, it sounds liek a kick ass fast paced song for when the zombies swarm.

thanks for making it!

DJRunaway responds:


Nice Work M-DJ is READY TO GO 2 WORK

I Was Jamm'n to this song for a half N Hour
I also figured how to play this song on my KEYBOARD that I Modifyed

ohh shit...

song makes you feel hyprd up.

Catchy Song

My wife played a game with this song and it got stuck in my head. I am glad that I found it here. It is a really great song. I enjoy listening to it. Great job!

DJRunaway responds:

Never thought this would be a song 'for the whole family' ;) Thanks man!

The best

This is the best song i have ever heard on NG and it always will be.