Reviews for "Ultimate Online Checkers"

Checkers has new life!

This is amazing!

Real nice

Good to see this up, great job, smooth-playing, slick as you please.
A very well put-together piece of Flash. Congratulations.
(& thx for the QA credit).

This is a good checkers game

This game is really nice, I like the idea of power ups in the game of checkers. I discovered a bug though. I had gotten all of the pieces except for one and had the computers last piece trapped and the game wouldn't end.... It just waited for the computer to make a move. Other than that a good game.


good game but very annoying

pretty good

o_o. found a g litch. i can use the power up to make a checker appear on a dark blue piece. on the beach board.

warhell responds:

Do you know how to re-create the bug so I can fix it?