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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."


as good if not better than the first one the boom function is pretty fly

a sick game a bit to hard

everything is fine except that petrol is still wasted while airborne, it's frustrating to be on a 86 combo and run out of gas, come on!!! i was trying to land to level up, but i couldn't because there were so many enemies, don't punish people for maxing out their enemies.

give it less gasoline, that's fine (make one of the high levels so hard that u lose if u touch the floor twice, i don't care), but make it so that gas is not used while doing a combo, it's forcing people to break their combos and that's the soul of the game

consider it for next versions, because it's a fun and addicting game, keep it up!

Fun, but a few flaws

Fun, challenging later, but upgrades soon made the game harder. I would have given a 10, but when u have near max upgrades, you cant get to the ground and you run out of fuel.


every thing is perfect but it could use some medals not just the ones u had in game but well u know what i mean right but other than that spot on

Fun game as always, but...

PLEASE, make exp gain instantaneous! Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to JUST make enough exp to get to the next level, only to explode WHILE the experience is accumulating from your last awesome combo?

It might also be worth it to consider instantly adding each chain's value while you're still in the air without having to touch down first.

Also, gunners and homers aren't worth buying; they fire upwards, which can stall your combos. I found I could get combos and chains in excess of 50 with just 10 bombers, 5 bouncers, and 10 miners, and it would've been even higher were it not for the time limit!