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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

realy awesome

that was awesome as hell

supa fine!!

very good game! keep em comin!


I always loved this game



Better than Titan AE

Some things I like, some I don't. I'm not sure why the game is so much smaller than before, unless it's just more graphics-intensive and the size is to reduce the burden. The small size and concise menu is actually more tedious to keep an eye on during play. I can barely read some of these things, and the color choices honestly aren't ideal for distinguishing text from background.

Gameplay-wise, I think this boasts the best of both the original game and the sequel, although the screen-panning is a little tiresome. I like the upward factor, actually, but the right and left shifting is kind of odd. It makes the game feel "dynamic" which is I think one of your aims here, and in that effect it works, but I don't know if it adds much either.

The "You have lost focus" thing is driving me crazy. Granted, in the other games, I sometimes accidentally lost focus and it would impair my play a little. In this faster game, maybe it's necessary to have that message. But it's not just when you're clicked outside of the flash (which is what would keep my controls from working until I clicked the window again), it's if you even move the mouse away from the flash.

Now THIS is annoying, because I've never been a fan of having mouse arrows block my view of a game or movie, and this game in particular is pretty small, leaving me not a lot of space to tuck the arrow away. So I just slide it off of the flash, and every time I do it, the game pops up a message to me. So what do I do? I slide the arrow back onto the game, slide it off again, and the message is gone. Next time, while I think you should keep this feature, I implore you to make it optional. I'd rather get screwed up on occasion than have something pop up after every level.

Graphically, this is the best game so far. I preferred the look of 1 over 2, though 2 added more details and effects. This has both and so I'm pleased. The music, somehow, doesn't get old. It just goes with this game.

All in all, this is good as a tribute/remastering of your game, though I wouldn't call it perfect. I almost think you've overpolished it in a few ways, maybe some things would annoy other people but I don't mind them, whereas things like the Focus alert annoy me but not them. I think that's just what happens when you add a lot of features to a game without overhauling the actual game itself. Can't please all of the people all of the time, but I think most people will be impressed by what you've got here.

I'll have to try co-op mode sometime. It should be good, considering how fun this is alone.

What else... nice pun on the Miner. I always assumed it had a "mine" in it, but apparently it also has a mining drill now.

I still hate Homers... really, really hate them. But that hate is part of the experience, I guess.

And by the way, if I get all these medals, you better not have put in some half-assed line making fun of me. That line itself is SOOO stale. And my parents don't have a basement, I live on the ground floor.

The-EXP responds:

Hi, believe me I HATE the focus control as well, and I woudl gladly remove it, but sadly this game is written in AS3, and therefore I needed to include my own code for detecting key presses, and it's an absolute nazi on what has focus or not (not like AS2) So mousing out eve, would on occasion, cause the keys not to be detected, so I'm sorry, but it was really unavoidable. And other than that, thankyou for your detailed review. The small size is to have it playable at a decent frame rate in a browser window (Flash's browser plugin is awful) but i still find it playable. ANd Homers, don't start me on Homers, theyre awful.