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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

So fun!

My only complaint is I blew up in the middle of a 50+ combo because I couldn't get back to the ground, haha. Amazing game!

I have a Question

Why it gives a Weapon to Destroy the ITank?
It is named INDESTRUCTO-Tank!
Normally it don't gives a Weapon to DSTRY him!
Author, please response to my Question.


i sorry ossifer

i coulda swore i was wearing my indestructobelt when i found the "my" car the 6th time.
man i loved this game back in 07, i played it for hours
im not sure if thats sad or just a really good way to watch the hours fly by

"Boom Headshot"

soo addicting

i lost track of what time it was!!

I have no IndestructoBelts...

...but I have a 10 stars to give you - which you really earned! I can't script, but just for interest, how many code lines does this game have in total?