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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."


This is even better and more challenging than the original!!! Awesome graphics! BTW thanks for sticking to the original music ^^


Wow, I am really impressed. I must admit, I was a tad disappointed with Indestruc2tank. I think I said it right... LOL. So my hopes weren't exactly up for this one. I was proven wrong. Very nice gameplay. I like the new graphics, no more fully drawn scenes. The screen pan is a nice addition too. Really brings out some realism. Very cool. I'm glad I went against my judgement and tried it out. The only problem/concern I had was the size. Like others said, I'm sure you sized down to save load time and file size... but I truly think it would have been worth it to make it a bit bigger. I would have waited if I knew the game was so kickass. AWESOME JOB. I think this breathed new life into the Indestructotank.

I truly love this game.

I mean, the original was amazing, this is amazing, and collecting medals gives the game a challenge other than random destruction (Which is also great)


didnt like the 2nd as much as the first, but this one is awesome. I love the controls and the new visual effects.


is cool the game the exploxions and the action THE BEST GAME COOL