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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."


I didn't noticed any cool improvements except the radar. And the camera was actually fairly annoying. I'd prefer to see powerups for the indestructoTank instead of some new graphics.

Great game, but need improvements

Well, I noticed even how hard you try, one would eventually reach a level that is technically impossible to level, even if you hit all possible planes on the screen. This can be easily solved by increasing the exp, decreasing the exp TNL or increasing the amount of maximum fuel after you level, granting the user more time to do combos.

The current game is that once you leveled, nothing increase except the exp, which will eventually make the game impossible.

Rather disappointing, really.

While it's a fun time-waster, the below review hits the nail on the head. There's no advancement, bar a couple of minor, superficial cosmetic ones. If anything, the game's gone backwards.

Better graphics, but only better graphics.

I am sorry to say this game didn't improve at all except graphics and a radar. It is a nice game, but after 1 year, there is no improvements. No new planes, no new mode...etc. May be my expectation is too high because the first one was far too nice.

Is it possible to pass the last stage? I didn't miss any combo in the last stage, with 74 combo bonus, yet, the exp gained from this 74 bonus was not sufficient for me to raise the last level. I have been playing this game since 1 year ago. Did author make some modification on combo bonus? And i notice that there is no difference in exp gain between all plane/tanks now, in that case, I would suggest that author should modify the expTNL also.

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