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Reviews for "You Have To Burn The Rope"

IM -Wait for it- POSSIBLE

Those side quest! Really, ff'ing imposible, how can it? I just got past the part were you get betrayed ,pure awesomeness. But the end boss, it took me 5 hours to get there, and I even speedrun'd you should get this to playstation network, it would sell like hot bread on a cold day!

All in all, just an awesome and simple game, but now I have this end song in my head, DAMN YOU.

this game is great!

amazingly simple! also, if you right click, the thing says "4. also, you cant really die"

O.O Oh dear lord.

This is the shit.

One of my favorite novely games!

I'm surprised ANYBODY could hate this game for being too short or too easy. Saying this game sucks because of that is like saying that Star Wars Episode 5 is not the best movie, since that is fact (Among fans and Science Fiction fans). The purpose of this game is to be easy, impossible to lose, short, and have that stupid yet catchy song at the end, it's all part of the experience. What really surprised me though, is that the creator actually made a walkthrough and a manual, as if anyone would need them, but that is just really pushing the concept of the easiest game in existence. The main character also looks like kirby, which makes me enjoy the game even more. This game could be classified as a time waster, but the fact that the credits song takes this game so seriously makes this more of a novelty game than anything else, you play it, beat it, listen to the credits if you can take it, and then either play it again, or do something else feeling staisfied for playing such an ingenious game.


This game needs a sequel, just picture it, You have to Burn the Rope 2: Revenge of the Grinning Collosus! This time you could hurt him, and you go through action packed levels, and at the end, you get a remix of the credits song in this game. THAT, would be an awesome game, make it Kianis, we would love it!


is it possible to die? haha excellent game. this is more difficult than IWBTG. haha i would actually be interested playing a whole game rather than just the boss fight. maybe have many chandeliers hanging every where so you can kill the minions? anyways. 5/5