Reviews for "You Have To Burn The Rope"

What took longer

making the song or the game

lol it was good, gave me a good chuckle


OMG!!! I pwned him with my axes ^.^ no I just burned the rope -.-
This was the most easyest game ever other than ping pong(old version) cause you just go up and down ^.^


Was that supposed to be hard...??

Seriously. Walked down. Went up side. Jumped into rope. Done. End. Finished.

Ropse was burnt before I even saw what the boss looked like. Seriosuly, hard??

I give 5 for the anti-climatic buildup you gave. 'cheers :)


This is basically what every arcade game like this makes you have to do...


I think I get it, there could be a joke or mabe its a parody on other classic games?
As said beore, its quality not quantity but I think a 7 will still be fair.

This game was too short but i loved everything else - the graphics, controls, physics. You should make a game on the same theme but longer, ill play it all day then. This is a pretty nice game still. Keep up the good work!

(just remember to FINISH your games ;)