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Reviews for "You Have To Burn The Rope"

Deserves a fucking metal

That was awesome.

At first i started playing, I didn't even READ the instruction...I was like "You know what, I'm gonna axe the motherf*cker"

Then I realized you had to burn the rope...

GG indeed. 5/5



i couldnt even do anything because it was glitchy

Most challenging game I've ever played.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I have yet to finish it, great open-world design by the way, but I hope to soon. The skeleton dragon boss is the toughest, in my opinion. I might suggest making the skull puzzle a little easier though, or at least not make it send you back to town if you mess up.



What took longer

making the song or the game

lol it was good, gave me a good chuckle


OMG!!! I pwned him with my axes ^.^ no I just burned the rope -.-
This was the most easyest game ever other than ping pong(old version) cause you just go up and down ^.^