Reviews for "You Have To Burn The Rope"

Decent game

So this here was a decent game I like the style here I like the idea even more and I would like to say congrats on the award on this that's nice and we'll deserving for the content in this you have outdone yourself here so congrats on the awards and a decent game here

No changes on this brilliant piece


This game is purely amazing, a fun short simple game. thanks, Kianis.

Not a fan. Boss was impossible to beat and there is absolutely no indication of how to beat it. Move on to better games and ignore my rating.

Is this the easiest game ever made? Well, maybe it's the quickest game ever made. Or shortest. I feel bad because my mom once tried to play this and still couldn't win. Well, she just gave up. I thought she used to play games.

I'd love to see speedruns. Well, I can make any myself. It's a cute silly little game. I can understand why it's so popular. It really is fun.

Very cute game, and very short. The ending song was pretty funny too.