Reviews for "I Am Metal Slug"


tatis short but it was funny....haha

BMack24 responds:

thanks, glad you think so.

[No title , like everytime]

Now all is clear !!!!! "Where the name Metal Slug come from?" ... a great question ! => This is the scenario :
One day , a slug with metal b'dy walk in Tokyo and sing " I am metal slug and soon i'll be famous !!" But , oh no , some bad guys are listening and propose the idea of a shooting game with tank and shooting weapons named METAL SLUG . "- And why metal slug ?" ask the man
"- Metal slug = tank or bullet , of course !!!" answer the bad guy
But behind the name Metal Slug , there's an injustice ... BWAHAHA That poor slug was too late ...
XD funny

BMack24 responds:

bam, backstory right there. it's all about who gets to the patent office first.


Awesome This pwnz all! Happy caterday.

BMack24 responds:

i didn't know it was caturday already! i haven't prepared!

That was Frickin Funny

Great work keep it going

BMack24 responds:



I've always appreciated puns, even if they aren't the highest form of humor. You did a great job here. The animation style fit the format perfectly, and your voice-acting was spot-on.


BMack24 responds: