Reviews for "I Am Metal Slug"

pretty good,pretty good

when i saw the title and the picture,i already visualized something about a metal slug that has copyright issues XD.pretty good plot idea,but could've been funnier.ill give it a good score cause it was just a short,top of the head flash animation :).

BMack24 responds:

cool, thanks.


"What does that have to do with a metal slug"
"uh.. it doesnt"


that was hilerious


BMack24 responds:



that was funny. I liked the special last part, "name?" "liquid snake" rofl!!!! good job

BMack24 responds:

i still wonder if i ought to animate that part. hmm...


heh pretty good could have been funnier... mabey have the slug say I AM METAL SLUG in a beowolf voice or somthing

by the way nice groge band music heheeh

BMack24 responds:

well, your review seems to be mostly positive, and yet the score is a 4. i'm confused.

and i took all the music off the audio portal, you should ask those guys about it.

it was pretty good

could have been funnier

BMack24 responds:

indeed it could have.