Reviews for "I Am Metal Slug"

very funny XD

i knew someone would make this joke one dayXD nicely drawn, quite a good idea!
you should make more of this kind of parodies on the names of games and then put it all in one movie so we can laugh all time. or you realease them one by one.

BMack24 responds:

i wasn't planning on taking this beyond maybe one sequel. if someone wants to start an art forum thread or something based on it, that would be pretty sweet too...

that is hillarious

great flash dude i actually thought it was going to be another one of those stupid metal slug nockoffs

BMack24 responds:

i would never make a stupid knockoff of anything.

very nice!!

this is a solid piece of work and you have earned the good ratings keep up the great work

BMack24 responds:

thanks, glad you think so.

I dont know about everyone else

but I thought it was a funny idea. haha

BMack24 responds:

cool, thanks.

"pretty good, pretty good"

I liked it, dont really know why.
the sound was about 6/10 and the animation about 6.5/10..
Humor: 5/10.
Still, I think it deserves an 8. Might be the weed talking..
Well well, Cya

BMack24 responds:

if it was weed, one would think the humor would be higher than 5.