Reviews for "I Am Metal Slug"

nice :)

I'll give it a 9 because It's not a great flash but I wasn't supposed to be either xD. liked it ! :D

BMack24 responds:



This movie is awesome. The graphics and the sound are great. The story is ok and the humor is good. I think animating the easter egg would of made it a little funnier, but I still like it.
10/10 5/5

BMack24 responds:

glad you enjoyed it. dunno about 'perfect,' but still, thanks.

I like it =D

very nice

BMack24 responds:


Could have a had a stronger ending

Adding another Pun-like-title-related character right before then end would have given it more of a punch

BMack24 responds:

does the easter egg count?

this was great

i was 2 expecting a joke about this .. and it came out nicly drawn^^ ..
would it be possible to increase the mength of the movie? ty

BMack24 responds:

it wouldn't actually. if you like long movies, watch for my next release.