Reviews for "I Am Metal Slug"

Short Yet Comical

I would say 8.5, But as I cannot give a .5, I round it up, all the more better for you.

It was great, short, satrical comedy, with the all the clasical puns in there.
I once thought of a slug made of metal, when I saw the game Metal Slug.

I agree with punx6901, That you should definatly make it a bit longer, Maybe chop between 2 scenes after the slug in the superhero place, with the slug going to the video arcade, and beating "Metal Slug" on "Uber Super Hard" Difficulty, And then a scene with annoyed superhero wannabes who cant get a name becuase of copyright laws.

Thats just my 2 cents. Bye.

Keep up the good work.

BMack24 responds:

hm, that could be another idea. we'll see though.

and thanks, i will.


um it was okayyy.

BMack24 responds:

if it was 'okayyy' as you claim why does is only have a 1? 1 usually means 'really bad.' you must be new at the whole reviewing thing.

Big Improvement

After watching your first flash I see that you have improved much since and have put the time and effort to make something better. I was going to give you a 6 for your animation, but and improvement like that deserves a 7.
I found the humor good, but it was lacking at the same time. You had a good idea and could have done more with it. So IMO the flash was too short and the joke deserved to have a little more done with it.

BMack24 responds:

well hey thanks for taking the improvement into account. dunno if the leap will be quite as drastic between this and my next movie though...

Not bad

I dunno who's giving you crap for this, but it was pretty decent. The only thing I wouldn't mind seeing is a bit more video. Maybe the slug goes to the game studio and beats some ass, or we focus on the superhero application taker and we have more distraught superheroes who can't register due to name problems. Either way, more would be sweet.

BMack24 responds:

i'm considering doing a sequel someday. it'll probably still focus on metal slug and hopefully be more of a movie and not just an animated gag.


Awesome This pwnz all! Happy caterday.

BMack24 responds:

i didn't know it was caturday already! i haven't prepared!