Reviews for "I Am Metal Slug"

it's fine

i really liked

BMack24 responds:



good animation! (front page so u got that already)
kinda short too.(lol about...many?...reviews about that, so u got that too)
so now to the fun part: (btw i love that game, old but great right?)
good sound and avarage grafics in there, the only thing i can point out that u could really point out it's the backgrounds, you should work more in you're backgrounds
ho! i'm not english so sorry about the bad writing ^^

BMack24 responds:

ha, backgrounds aren't really my specialty. i'll be sure to work on it.

I liked it!

Was quite funny and good animation, the only problem i saw was that it was too short, but then again if it was too long there would of been more complaints, so keep it up and try and get more material in the next one but always make sure the material is good, dont just make it long for the sake of making it long, anyways well done, one of my favs.

BMack24 responds:

true, this is definitely not the kind of toon that would benefit from being dragged on for a long time. glad you liked it.

short and kinda funny

i liked it but it coulda been longer

BMack24 responds:

true, it could've. oh well, there's always next time.


not the best or funniest flash in the world but they place

BMack24 responds: