Reviews for "I Am Metal Slug"

not bad

not bad worth watching

BMack24 responds:


Your on your way, kid :D

Pretty good stuff :D
Lost 2 stars because this is just one joke. People could have used this entire animation as 1/10th of another entire joke video.

Lost another star because of the 'dont judge me before you read my thinger' at the top. It exposes nub-ness. Im not saying anything about YOU in particular, the flash was pretty awesome (^.^), but im just saying its an extremely common message that screams "I AER TEH NOOBZOR!"

so anyways, ur gettin there, but it still needs some work. Im waiting for you to release your new stuff so i can see progress :D

i love seeing progress... i wish i was there to witness allen awesome or like mike swain climb the ladder of awesomeness... but that was before i met newgrounds.

So, keep it up! good work. Watch for certain things that make you lose stars :D

BMack24 responds:

hey at least i didn't put something like 'this is mai frist flash i kno its not good but plz dun blam PLZ PLZ PLZ' on my first submission. now that would've been noobish. i too hope you can watch me rise up and become a godly animator like swain or krinkels (yeah, we'll see...). so thanks for reviewing, hope to have something better out soon.


Very nice, good animation, not an overused type of humor either.

Though the bleep kinda ruins the whole joke, still good though, definatly deserves front-page!

BMack24 responds:

thanks, glad you think so.

Pretty funny

pretty funny, i liked how you bleeped bitch, i always find it funnier when they put that in comics

Im pretty sure they called it Metal Slug though because a Slug is a type of bullet and the bullet is Metal? that's what i always thought

BMack24 responds:

yeah, bleeps are funny, i think.

and i know, read the comments.

Its Actually Good

Actually When I Saw This I Thought It Was Going To Be Gay (Only Because Im A Metal Slug Fan)But It Was Actually Good

BMack24 responds:

glad you decided it wasn't gay.