Reviews for "Missed Madness"


Hank should be brought back. Without Hank and some of thew others madness has no madness. It is only a few guys shooting eachother in a grey building.

L3pra responds:

Thats the idea!


excelente animacion :) estuvo muy buena!

L3pra responds:

Gracias :D Haré más!

Cool Flash

Pretty cool Flash. I liked them dancing at the start...and THEN......... The blood ensues~!

I use to love Tricky the Clown in all those parody flashes. Spinning Penis and all! But...where did Tricky originate from? Not sure if it's pertinent to this Flash but you did have his name at the end with the Replay button?

If this Flash was longer I'd probably given it at least a 9 because you looked like you had your shit down but it was a bit on the short side.

L3pra responds:

it was a short... well I really cut it.

not bad

Not bad... needs work but i always enjoy people making madness tributes..

L3pra responds:

...thanks...i guess...

Good Work

Obiovusly, not really original. But, nevertheless, a good madness tribute-like cartoon.

L3pra responds: