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Reviews for "Bomb-A-Bomb"

very good

and addicting! i like the different bombs you gave, and some of the starters also. the only problem at all that i see in the game, is that the igniter doesnt always work, so you keep clicking then it misses what you wanted, or it just makes a flame go on the ground. other than that, this game is pretty cool, im lookin forward to the next one!




Im sorry but this game is too simple and hard for it to be appreciated at full value


its ok but here are some thingsd to improve on:
you should be able to turn the music off that ba bum ba bum sound sre eally annoying

better explanation of the savers

and savers souldnt kill girl bombs

girl bombs are just like instant death bombs they shouldnt be like that
skulls should be


i just beat it this game was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!