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Reviews for "Bomb-A-Bomb"

pretty good

that was fun

reminded me of the game boomshine. it was still fun

hmmm funny

quite nice game! this is fun to start the day when you are still tired nd you want a simple game :D

Entertaining half hour

Entertaining for a 'splodey half hour of fun! I like the varying types of bombs with the different explosion vectors.

One thing I did not like was being stuck retrying a level until the handful of survivors randomly included all of the girl bombs and skull bombs. After a while, the 'level failure' sound takes on a more personal tone, like that damned dog from Duck Hunt. You know where I'm coming from.

One thing that would make this game -awesome- would be to take control of a character on the playing field that you have to keep alive amidst all the shrapnel.


it was okay not the best not the worst


relatively easy.