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Reviews for "Bomb-A-Bomb"

coolz, but...

I spotted a bug, i exploded the girl bomb on level 17 and all my bullets or whatever were gone and this last guy was stuck in a corner, not moving, and i couldn't get out. But i have somthing to say: On level 17, to beat it, blow up the bomb close to the pink one but not two close, and the explosions will travel slightly over until they are all gone, thats wat i did

last level pretty hard

you have to time everything on the last level or you'll have a hard time.

Cool game

Not really a big fan of chain reaction games but this one kept my attention as i played


"Sweet!" I loved it! And I beat it. Lol, challenging, but not frustrating! That's the great thing. :D. Good job, 10 stars...

pretty good

fun game but theres a bug, if you wait to long, the bombs leave the arena and you cant explode them

wats the coin for?