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Reviews for "Bomb-A-Bomb"


- Too static. There is no randomness at all. They all travel in neat little square lines. Very boring. There are such things as circles.
- Seriously. Why would make a bomb game with bombs that shouldn't be blown up? This is stupid.
- No background music? Come on, at least give us one reason to like this game.
- Lol, you definitely have 1337 fire drawing skills.
- I actually like the explosions, but the smoke trail (I guess) is laughable.
- Gray background. 'Nuff said.
- Why don't the bomb explosions leave behind any damage?
- Sometimes the bombs glitch out and stick on the walls
- Hit tests on the blue guys is horrible. I have to click a dozen times before anything happens.
- Level editor?
- Score? High scores would epic too.
- I noticed you mentioned it earlier, but you really need more bombs. Heat seeking bombs, napalm bombs, atomic bombs (spread 8 fireballs instead of 4), bouncing bombs, slow/fast bombs, small bombs (shoot one fireball in one direction, good for pink levels), sidewinder bombs (only 2 fireballs, but they travel in circles, gradually increasing in the radius), et al.
- Bomb selection. 1 thru 0 would select a different bomb, but you still only be able to use one per level.
- Boss levels? It would take, I dunno, 10 fireballs shot off from other littler bombs to kill it, or whatever.
- Cheats or unlockables would be nice.
- Level 19? Really? Cut us some slack, please.
- The bombs look stolen too, or just completely unoriginal.

Overall, very very limited game. No originality, no dynamic motion, very dry graphics, no playback value what-so-ever, and just frankly annoying. I wouldn't mind so much hearing the dunce sound every 5 seconds if there was some damn background music. Honestly, check the audio portal for loops, they won't add too much to your file size.

2/10 because it's been done before and way better if I may say so myself.


wow that was actually fun


I give it a 4, kind of hard. In the beginning it's hard to get a few bombs hit since there's nearly no bombs and it is all up to luck and timing. Time bombs can be your best friend and worst enemy, girl bombs are just your worst enemy. Good game.

Solid Game

At first I thought it was another Boomshine ripoff, but it's different. Good solid game. On my computer it lagged, though. Overall good game.

Cool concept

my only problem is that when you kill the pink bomb, it should automatically end the game instead of having to wait, but other than that, very cool