Reviews for "D**k Attack"

magicarp d**k attack now

Only magicarp useing d**k attack sick


ANOTHER POKEMON PENIS FLASH,HOW THE HELL?!!!?Pretty good flash though.

Dick Attack

I actually would use Magickarp more if this was in its attack list of moves to learn. Then imagine the hilarity that would ensue when it evolved into a Gyardos with that same attack. The animation of the characters was nice. Hilarious how Blue just decides to walk away while Red sits there in shock and awe as his Magickarp prepares to use Dick Attack on him instead.

TomaMoto did really sound voice acting as well. Lastly got a good laugh at the "9999" damage to Magickarp which I am guessing is a reference to Final Fantasy which allowed up to that much damage unless you had the international releases. Very nice put togehter.


Amazing piece of art.

Slap him across the face with your DICK!


Less longer than the original but more funnier ! XD Only male Pokémon can learn Dick attack ! XD