Reviews for "Higurashi - Overdrive"

Not so good, audio.

Your animation was good. The audio messed it up. If you didn't just dub over parts of the overdrive song, and just made a new song, it would have been good. But since I can still here all of the old audio, it just makes the flash look bad. Now, the the voices you recorded did sound good; abit too loud, it just makes the dubing more obvious. Over-all it just comes off as an imitation, not a parody or even "your" version of overdrive.


this is beond random


The Reloop was not well done imho, i liked the original Version much better. Also the Animation kinda lost spice by this.


i loved it

That was pretty well done.

It's random but it gets to the point, for people who don't understand this flash, please refer to watching the anime "Higurashi".

Although the song that was placed in this flash annoyed me at points, especially when it comes to the repeated parts, as it seemed it was just looped but not well done.

Alas, I enjoyed it, keep it up!