Reviews for "Higurashi - Overdrive"


this is priceless... i loved this!!!


10 for style and subject matter, 0 for original thought.2 for sound, so I'm gonna say 3.

What would have been a good idea on its' own merit was crippled by the appearance that it's a redress of the IOSYS piece, straight to the almost carbon-copy of the flash's progression, with only some palliate swaps and art redresses. Also, the music is drowned out by your attempt to make it sound different by pasting it over with sound clips I figured came from the anime source you were working with.

Higurashi needs moooar love D:

I love this. So catchy!
Thanks for the flash!

InfiRandia responds:

"""Higurashi needs moooar love D:"""

I Agree =)


I'm happy to see people doing something that is from Higurashi.To guy from Finland saying some thing like this is nothing but a review. ;<


Higurashi + Touhou + Iosys remix + remixed again with higuness = Winz.
I love you. ;_; Two of my favorite things are Higu and Touhou. 8DD