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Reviews for "NiN10Doh!"


Awesome Job! Loved the part with kirby and yoshi. lol.

freakin hilarious!!!!!

you were right about the pokemon thing in the end!
especially the part where fox rants about how he wasn't put into the cartoon, but he was! he was just too pissed to realize it.


Excellently done!
Smooth animation and great sound!
THIS is why I come to Newgrounds.com, to see things like this submission.
A Definate Must-see for ANY Nintendo fan!


Ash completly pwned pikachu lol

Friggin electric!!!

That was really good stuff. The animation was amazing and so was the VO work. You guys are all really good but I've never heard of you before which is weird. You should make a Playstation Collab with Sly Cooper and Crash Bandicoot. The title was a bit whack though.