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Reviews for "NiN10Doh!"


This is my favorite nintedo related flash on NG overall the animation was great and the humor was even better i loved when fox came out and started crying about how he wasnt in it Great Job!!!!!!!!!! you guy's deserve it

Loved it

Loved everything about it, liked the Wii girls the most :D

Spoiler!: For people who don't look, and/or "do crack & heroin", click on either of the girl's boobs.

Response to Zoom-Bat:
Master Chief is part of MICROSOFT not NINTENDO. Hence why Halo isn't on the Gamecube/Wii (my theory; subjected to be wrong like everything else)

Nintendo awesome lolz

I thought it was funny....

Derrr make me smart


very funny movie, but the only part I could really relate to myself was Ash beating up the yellow rat thing, since ocne upon a time I liked Pokemon. Favourite'd.


LoL, that was fun. I expected something else between Peach and Coopa (not sure on the spelling)