Reviews for "Abig black guy named Bass"

I like the black guy named bass

I like movies with the ***** tune
Greay job

I love this video...

A great parody. I remember seeing this back when it first came out, and I thought I would try to find it again. It must still be good, seeing as it hasn't been blammed off of Newgrounds. ^_^

Great use of sprites. Overall, it's a well-done video. Everything corresponds well with the audio to keep it funny. Good stuff.


Yeah I wouldn't want to piss off Bass either :P

He got pwned at the end though...

very funny!

this is a very funny moive great job:)

Without a doubt...

...still, to this day, this is the greatest flash in the world. It was the first one I ever really saw, and still one of my favorites. ^^ Rock onward.